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Welcome to Junkie Cats - where meme-inspired NFTs meet crypto rewards! Dive into our world of Crazy Junkie Cats, carefully crafted to offer not just collectibles, but a gateway to exciting rewards. Explore our marketplace, trade rare NFTs, and fuel innovation with each purr-chase. Join us and let the adventure begin!
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Introducing Junkie Cats

Revolutionizing the Binance Smart Chain with a Fusion of Crypto and Coolness! Join us as we elevate the space, promising exciting returns and a vibrant community. Our 5/5 tax model ensures rewards for your support. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this thrilling journey!

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Road Map

Phase 1
Building the community
Publish Website
Project Launch
CMC & CG Application
Dex listing pre-paid for presale

Phase 2
Website v2
Junkie Cats NFTs Release
Launch MintingDapp
NFT Mint Integration

Phase 3
CEX Listings
Extensive Marketing Push
Establish Major Partners
Huge Marketing Campaign

Phase 4
Marketing For Massive Adoption
Rewards Diversification
Team Expansion
Junkie Cats Mafia Partnerships

Phase 5
Junkie Cat Hub
New Partnerships
Continuous Marketing
Release Cross-Chain NFTs



17.95% For Liquity
37.04% allocated for Public Sale to fund project development and community growth, ensuring widespread participation and support.
20% earmarked for liquidity provision, safeguarding stable trading conditions on exchanges and facilitating seamless transactions for users.

15% NFT Token Allocation:
Reserved for the creation and distribution of unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), enriching our ecosystem with diverse and collectible assets.

19.99% Burn Mechanism:
A dedicated portion of tokens will be systematically burned over time, reducing the circulating supply and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens, rewarding long-term holders.

10% CEX Listing Fund:
Allocated for covering expenses associated with listing the token on centralized exchanges (CEXs), enhancing accessibility and liquidity for investors.
This detailed breakdown ensures a strategic and sustainable allocation of resources, driving the growth and prosperity of the Junkie Cats ecosystem.

Discover Our NFT Collection

Explore our collection of 1000 meticulously crafted NFTs featuring our beloved Junkie Cats. Join our community today to unlock exclusive rewards and immerse yourself in the world of Junkie Cats. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly special.

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